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Ratios Calculator for Sausage

The Perfect Sausage Calculator

Easily handles sausage ratios for cures and spices.

Does the calculations required for all sausage, jerky, and salami recipes in just moments

Eaze of use

Simply add your exact weight, and for the given recipe, your ratios will be provided


Calculators available for hundreds of recipes all of which can be found on this website


We provide a long list of home-made recipes available for free.

Sausage, jerky, and salami Recipes

Sausage recipes with in

Meat Calculator

Each recipe comes with a custom ratio calculator to use for free

Hundreds of recipes

Chose from a variety of hundreds of sausage, jerky, and salami recipes


Weekly blogs about the sausage, jerky, and salami making process, tools, and recipes

New Processes

Learn about new ways of making sausage, jerky, and salami from home


Get recomeneded new tools for making home-made sausage, jerky, and salami.


Learn new recipes you may want to try out.